It isn’t too difficult to find a broker who can provide good, even great, service. Professionalism, accessibility and responsiveness should be a given as should an understanding of manufacturing mergers and acquisitions. But when it came to selling my injection molding company there was no question that Terry Minnick and the team at MBS was uniquely qualified to help us.

During his 40+ years of experience in the plastics industry, he developed relationships with nearly 3000 molders worldwide. After working to identify the best matches for us, nearly 200 potential buyers were provided with MBS’s well-polished and thorough prospectus about our company. Within a few months, we had 19 visits from serious investors and ultimately we received 9 letters of intent to purchase; all of which were at or over our targeted price.

But Terry’s work involved much more than just bringing legitimate buyers to our door. His expertise enabled him to field hundreds of questions from potential buyers allowing us to focus on running our company. Having been in business 40+ years myself, most of them in the owner/leadership role, I wouldn’t have expected the significant impact made by Terry’s hand-holding, assurances and continual feedback. He was here whenever we needed him, and while his charismatic personality made dozens of plant tours and meetings go smoothly, it was his reputation and credibility that ensured the confidence of everyone involved. He recognized that for us, the final choice wouldn’t necessarily be the highest offer and worked hard to make sure we had not just data about the company, but an understanding of their fundamental character and business philosophy.

Bob Tennyson – PSI

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