Carrie Castino – Castino Corporation

I recently had the privilege of working with Terry Minick and MBS Advisors to sell my family’s 40-year multi-facility, injection molding business. I can’t emphasize enough how grateful I am for their exceptional service. From the very beginning, it was clear that they were not just in it for the transaction; they genuinely cared about finding the right buyer and ensuring a smooth transition for me and our employees.

What I appreciated most about MBS was their sensitivity to the unique aspects of my situation and the emotional attachment I had to it. They took the time to understand what made the business special and what I hoped to achieve through the sale. This level of empathy made all the difference.

But sensitivity alone wouldn’t have been enough without their ability to find the perfect match for my business. MBS identified potential buyers who not only had the financial means but also shared my vision for the future of the business.  It was important we found the “right” buyer; not just any buyer.

Throughout the entire process, communication was excellent. They kept me informed every step of the way, checking in, and providing updates and guidance that helped me navigate the complexities of selling my business (and there are a lot of them!) with confidence. Even more than a year after the sale, Terry and I still stay in touch. This is the kind of company interested in finding the right buyer for you so you can move to the next phase of your life whatever that might be.

In conclusion, I strongly recommend MBS to anyone looking to sell their business.

Kurt Hashemian – Master Plastics

The transition is going well and the need for my input/assistance is almost down to zero which makes me feel good about our team who were able to maintain continuity. Thanks to you, I can now relax and not worry about anybody mistreating my old employees. Some had been with me for 32 years.

Craig Bovaird – Built-Rite Tool & Die

After working on an exit strategy for 5 years, the selection of an M&A advisor was a critical component in the transition process. MBS stood out ‘head and shoulders’ above all of the advisors that I interviewed. Their expertise in the custom molding market was exceptional. They understood the value proposition and they were hyper focused on getting the best offer for me. The “best offer” was not necessarily the most money; more importantly, it was a combination of cultural fit, the future prospects of our employees, and my personal transition. They charted the process and laid out the milestones, from the teaser, to the CIM, to the evaluation of offers, and eventually the final buyer selection. You cannot go wrong with MBS. They are pros and they know this market better than any firm in the business.

Jack Bertsch – Polymer Conversions

As it pertains to the professionals at MBS, we knew their reputation and we knew their knowledge. And we knew that they were a group with very high integrity. What was found was that MBS’s performance exceeded our expectations on all fronts: from establishing a selling price, to finding and vetting a solid group of potential buyers, and finally, to help selecting the ultimate buyer for our 41-year-old molding company.

Tim Hicks – Hicks Plastics

I really liked working with MBS throughout the sale process and thought that you guys were a great fit for Hicks Plastics! The overall experience was exhausting at times, but at no time was I pressured and nobody at MBS tried to convince me that this was the right thing to do; you just simply navigated us through the process. I really appreciate that. Thanks again for MBS’s great help in this transaction, I truly believe that this is the perfect fit for us.

Mogens Stampe Rüdiger – Kongskilde Industries

Cassie, it has been a GREAT pleasure to work with you. Your energy, motivation, and understanding have been outstanding, and I will certainly not hesitate to work with you again for our next recruitments in the U.S.

Gary Ware – Eastern Wholesale Fence

I want to thank both of you for connecting us with the Eastern family. Our experience with MBS and Cassie through this whole transition was nothing but first class, and we thank you for that. Please feel free to reach out if either of you would need anything in the future! Thanks again!

Peter Smith – Raleigh Precision Products

MBS brought over 100 qualified buyers to the table. We sold the business to a large strategic buyer with plants all over the U.S. and the sale has turned out very well. The employees have gotten a better deal than they were getting from me. Everybody is pretty happy with that process and I’m delighted with how it’s turned out.

Sam Holden – Richardson Molding

We chose MBS as advisors for the sale of our company because of their plastic industry knowledge. In addition to finding qualified buyers that best fit our company, they were instrumental in handling “roadblocks” during the process that were acceptable to both parties. Our sale would not have happened without the team at MBS.

Scott Taylor – ProPlas Technologies

MBS was the perfect partner for ProPlas. They found the right acquirer and gave us invaluable advice during the process. Jonathan has very deep experience both from a molding company owner’s perspective and as a sell-side representative.

Jerry Prado – Main Street Capital Holdings

We were extremely pleased with the services provided by MBS throughout the sale process. They identified multiple potential buyers that we would have never thought of approaching, with several submitting serious proposals. MBS was active throughout the transaction and clearly added value for our investors.

Scott Hanaway – Tech Molded Plastics

Andrew, when we first met and listened to you and Terry at several of the MAPP and PN events, I felt that MBS was a good fit for this process. I would never have imagined this enterprise years ago, would bring the success it has to our family. Transitioning at a very good point in our lives, and industry position, has been a concern for me, and with your help, I think WE DID IT!!!

Pat Considine – Micron Products

Sarah and the staff are excellent to work with. Conscientious, professional and attentive are the best words to describe them. In providing candidates, they have made sure that they only send me qualified people that have the skill set that I am looking for.

Bob Tennyson – Plastic Solutions

It isn’t too difficult to find a broker who can provide good, even great, service. Professionalism, accessibility, and responsiveness should be a given as should an understanding of manufacturing mergers and acquisitions. But when it came to selling my injection molding company there was no question that Terry Minnick and the team at MBS was uniquely qualified to help us.

During his 40+ years of experience in the plastics industry, he developed relationships with nearly 3000 molders worldwide.  After working to identify the best matches for us, nearly 200 potential buyers were provided with MBS’s well-polished and thorough prospectus about our company. Within a few months, we had 19 visits from serious investors and ultimately we received 9 letters of intent to purchase; all of which were at or over our targeted price.

But Terry’s work involved much more than just bringing legitimate buyers to our door. His expertise enabled him to field hundreds of questions from potential buyers allowing us to focus on running our company. Having been in business 40+ years myself, most of them in the owner/leadership role, I wouldn’t have expected the significant impact made by Terry’s hand-holding, assurances and continual feedback. He was here whenever we needed him, and while his charismatic personality made dozens of plant tours and meetings go smoothly, it was his reputation and credibility that ensured the confidence of everyone involved. He recognized that for us, the final choice wouldn’t necessarily be the highest offer and worked hard to make sure we had not just data about the company, but an understanding of their fundamental character and business philosophy.

Ron Ringleben – Currier Plastics

Thank you, Sarah, for matching me with the opportunity at Currier Plastics. Your understanding of the position requirements and the company style made the process of determining a fit was extremely helpful in getting me past the first phone conversation. You were diligent in understanding my experiences and interest to match with this new role. Thank you for fitting me to the next step in my career.

Oscar Carillo – Andercraft – Mexicali and Nogales

Things at Andercraft are great and we are working with on developing deals with some very recognizable companies. The general manager has been a great boss and a wonderful person and I feel very supported in my new role. Thank you for finding me such a great position.

Brian Kretzmer – Plainfield Precision

We engaged MBS and its team of Andrew and Terry to assist us in a sale process for one of our internationally held businesses. We chose MBS because we were seeking a special kind of buyer that would appreciate the value we had created and understand the asset in question would be a strategic addition to their company. MBS successfully identified a list of candidates and begin their solicitation process. Because they have an extensive, personal relationship with the candidates, we were able to enter into negotiations with several qualified buyers within a short time frame.

We successfully closed our transaction at a valuation that exceeded our opening ask. Their ability to focus the discussions on the proper value drivers allowed us to have a crisp and successful sale. They provided a high-quality service and were easy to work with. The degree of personal attention was rare and exceptional. We would certainly recommend MBS to another firm.

Cristine Brackney – Heartland Automotive

Sarah and I have only worked together for a short time. However, during the brief time she has been extremely proactive in her searches for both skill and job fit. I turn to Sarah when I have difficult positions to staff and know she will do her best to succeed.

Frank Van Haste – formerly of Novachem

The sale of our business was far from a “business-as-usual” transaction, and MBS handled it with aplomb. This fairly modest transaction required coordinating players on three continents, extensive due diligence and legal procedures, and the sometimes conflicting desires of multiple partners. Even when we felt that the deal might come apart, Terry Minnick and his MBS team stayed appropriately optimistic and reminded us that the basic logic of the sale was compelling. Terry was always there when we needed him, and we couldn’t have done nearly as well without him. MBS earned their fees and then some!

Jason May – Revere Plastics

Thank you. I seriously could not have done this without you. I’ve dealt with lots of recruiters over the years (on both sides of the fence) but never have I felt as comfortable as I have with you. You always kept things real and I appreciate that.