Molding Business Services (MBS) has experienced considerable growth over recent years, which in part is indicative of the health and strength of the entire plastics industry. The demand for MBS’s key services—M&A advisory, recruiting, and consulting—continues to increase. To support this demand today and in the years ahead, MBS has planned several enhancements to its portfolio of services.

The key differentiator for MBS has always been a comprehensive understanding of the plastics industry. Not only are two of the firm’s partners former owners of plastic injection molding companies, but all of the staff at MBS is well-versed in plastics. When we add a new recruiter to our team, for example, the training involves visits to numerous plastics processors. This helps the recruiter gain firsthand knowledge of how the business works and what each position does day-to-day, from the factory to the office. Whether we are working on a consulting project or advising on the sale of a molding company, we bring real-life experiences to the table.

Joining Forces to Help the Industry Find and Hire Top Talent

The biggest challenge faced by plastics processors and other manufacturers over the last several years is locating, hiring and retaining talented employees to support growth. We hear about this every day from our clients. MBS is uniquely positioned, particularly in the injection molding space, to connect clients with critical talent. Our network is quite possibly the strongest of any in the plastics processing industry. Still, we are always looking for ways to expand and enhance the value proposition for our current and future clients.

Effective January 2nd, MBS has acquired Gros Executive Recruiters of Franklin, Tennessee (Gros). Both firms have provided recruiting and executive search services to the plastics industry for decades.

The marriage of these two firms significantly expands our offering to clients. MBS brings a deeper injection molding network to Gros, while Gros provides MBS with penetration into the packaging, extrusion, thermoforming and plastics machinery markets. Additionally, merging the two already extensive industry databases produces an unmatched network of talent that will benefit the combined firms’ clients. Together, MBS and Gros now have recruiting staff located across the US – in Massachusetts, Illinois, Tennessee, Vermont, and California.

Former Gros Executive Recruiters owner and industry veteran Dennis Gros has been appointed as President of the combined recruiting business.

The integration of the companies will involve a thoughtful transition over the upcoming year to provide a seamless experience for existing clients while leveraging the advantages of the larger company. Over the coming months the two businesses will be merged into one and will operate as an MBS company.

Joel Minnick Joins the M&A Advisory Team at MBS

MBS has advised on almost 100 successful M&A transactions since inception and an industry-leading 26 transactions in the last three years. Our clients are extremely satisfied with the results we deliver and the demand for our advisory services is steadily increasing. We know that we must continue to enhance our bandwidth in this segment of our business as well.

Joel Minnick “grew up” in the plastics industry since his father, Terry Minnick, worked for Dow Chemical, owned an injection molding company, and in 1998 founded MBS. Joel has spearheaded the recruiting business at MBS for nearly a decade and over that time has gained a tremendous knowledge in plastics and injection molding. The addition of Gros Executive Recruiters to the MBS family will now allow Joel to redirect his efforts to supporting M&A advisory as we continue to expand our presence throughout the industry. With both a finance and plastics background, Joel will be a valuable addition to our M&A team.

MBS is invested in the plastics industry and is positioning itself for a strong future. We look forward to serving you in the years ahead.

May we all have a prosperous 2018!


The Team at Molding Business Services


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