See what some of our candidates have to say about or recruiting services.

Tim Hicks – Hicks Plastics Co, Inc.

I really liked working with MBS throughout the sale process and thought that you guys were a great fit for Hicks Plastics! The overall experience was exhausting at times, but at no time was I pressured and nobody at MBS tried to convince me that this was the right thing to do; you just simply navigated us through the process. I really appreciate that. Thanks again for MBS’s great help in this transaction, I truly believe that this is the perfect fit for us.

Oscar Carillo – Andercraft – Mexicali and Nogales

Things at Andercraft are great and we are working with on developing deals with some very recognizable companies. The general manager has been a great boss and a wonderful person and I feel very supported in my new role. Thank you for finding me such a great position.

Ron Ringleben – Currier Plastics

Thank you, Sarah, for matching me with the opportunity at Currier Plastics. Your understanding of the position requirements and the company style made the process of determining a fit was extremely helpful in getting me past the first phone conversation. You were diligent in understanding my experiences and interest to match with this new role. Thank you for fitting me to the next step in my career.

Jason May – Revere Plastics

Thank you. I seriously could not have done this without you. I’ve dealt with lots of recruiters over the years (on both sides of the fence) but never have I felt as comfortable as I have with you. You always kept things real and I appreciate that.